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Leading the Pallet Industry Since 1985

H&H Wood Products Inc provides some of the world's leading manufacturers, greenhouses and retail outlets with Manufactured Certified CPC Pallets, Any-Size Boxes, Shipping Crates and Greenhouse Display Racks.

We specialize in assembling heat treated (HT-KD) products for common export to the United States, and we supply new wood products for export to European Union and other countries world-wide that support the International Wood Packaging Standard ISPM #15.

We literally "SUPPORT" businesses all around the world!
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Two Locations

Our 2 wholesale manufacturing plants will strategically ship products throughout Southern Ontario. Our head quarters located in Wheatley, Ontario operates out of a newly renovated 53,000 ft2 facility. In 2009 we expanded to open our 20,000 ft2 London, Ontario facility. Both facilities coordinate all business logistics to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

HH Wood Products Inc Ideas

Bright People. Bright Ideas.

Give us your concept. With an abundance of experience, we are confident we will meet your particular specifications and detail a professional design at a fair price.

Choose between crates, wood boxes, display racks and custom pallets, all available for export around the world.
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Helping the environment

Leasing your pallets means less harm for the environment and we know you like doing your bit for the environment. As a member of the Canadian Pallet Council with an inventory of over 22,000 certified CPC pallets that are clean, damage-free and well maintained, H&H Wood Products Inc. can provide the product you need FAST! Call (888) 730-8195 for Rental Info.

HH Wood Products Inc Focus on You

Our Focus is on You!

When you do business with H & H Wood Products Inc. you can rest assured that you are doing business with a company that puts the customer at the front of the class. We have one goal in mind: the complete satisfaction of our customers.

HH Wood Products Inc Canadian Pallet Council

Canadian Pallet Council

As members of the CPC, our pallets are high quality, can handle heavy loads and must pass monthly inspections. Our CPC pallet inventory is constantly growing.

Call us if you have CPC pallets for sale. (888) 730-8195

HH Wood Products Inc Savings

Did we mention the savings?

As a leading supplier of certified CPC Pallets, H&H Wood Products Inc is able to offer top tier pricing and service. Call us today and see why your competition call H&H Wood Products.

Want to know more about our Leasing Program? Get answers fast!

We have even more reasons for you to lease your CPC Pallets from H&H Wood Products Inc.

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Any-Size Boxes
HH Wood Products Inc Home Office

Mission Statement

H & H Wood Products Inc. exists to provide superb wooden racks, containers, boxes, crates and pallets for use in food, automotive, and agriculture in North America and overseas. Our high standards, competent workforce and innovation, drives our complete line of cost effective wood products. We accommodate our customers by designing environmentally friendly, food-safe, rugged and beautiful wood products with quick order to delivery times - qualities we believe are essential for the high-paced environment of industrial shipping, storage, display and packaging. We take extreme pride in our health & safety program and wish to offer the safest environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors.

Henry Wall

A Brief History of H&H Wood Products

H & H Wood Products Inc. opened a new manufacturing / shipping facility in London, Ontario. A month was spent to complete the transition, and now we can ship to customers by reaching farther with cost savings going to our customers.

H & H Wood Products Inc. invested heavily in itself. We built a new head office, reformulated our shipping docks and built more in-house manufacturing areas to keep up with demand, and shipping to a new level of efficiency.

H & H Wood Products Inc. increased production again, serving more customers is Kitchener, Beamsville, and St. Catherines. More customers were requesting greenhouse flower racks, and we delivered.

H & H Wood Products Inc. made modifications to the CPC line and increased its sorting and repair capabilities to 2,400 pallets per day, increased from 750 per day. Production has the capacity to produce 6,000 pallets per day, in addition to fulfilling demand for wooden boxes, greenhouse crates and display racks.

H & H Wood Products Inc. installed their second pallet machine and by now, many new saws were fitted into the pre-cut area to double production and increase the quality of all products. Health & Safety and new Quality practises introduced to the workforce.

H & H Wood Products Inc. became certified to produce wood products for export to the new phytosanitary measure introduced by the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) for Export, monitored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Every year after, H & H Wood Products Inc. will pass every audit of our quality system.

H & H Wood Products Inc. purchased their first semi transport truck, leading to many new opportunities for the company. More customers could be reached and soon growth would double. Soon, another truck would be used daily.

H & H Pallet Leasing Inc. is created. The economic benefits of leasing and renting pallets are surfacing and H & H Wood Products Inc. will turn its attention to this new business demand.

H & H Wood Products Inc. purchased 5.3 acres in Wheatley, Ontario to build the company again. With 1.2 acres of modern building space, this prime location provided easy access to highway 401, highway 3 and the growing greenhouse, agriculture and automotive community of Essex & Kent county combined.

H & H Wood Products Inc. began designing and building all kinds of wood products, including custom pallets, solid boxes, greenhouse crates and display racks. As more employees joined the company & the instalment of their first automated pallet machine, H & H Wood Products Inc. was capable of producing 3000 wood pallets per day along with the demand for boxes, crates and display racks. A CPC repair line was also installed this year, which enabled the capacity of sorting and repairing CPC pallets at a rate of 750 per day.

H & H Wood Products Inc. became a member of the Canadian Pallet Council (CPC), a recognised association providing the consumer goods industry supply chain with the most cost effective returnable pallet standards and interchange system in Canada by setting, monitoring and enforcing policies, procedures and standards that meet the members' performance requirements.

H & H Wood Products Inc. became incorporated and Henry Wall became the sole owner and operator. Henry's business vision and customer dedication set the business growth for many years to come.

H & H Wood Products Ltd. partnership began building wooden greenhouse crates used in farming, grocery and food industry. This single product was sold as the staple of our business growth.

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HH Wood Products Inc Crate


The Greenhouse Crate: Used for Tomatoes, Apples, Cucumbers, Cherries and various field crops.

H & H Wood Products Inc. is specialized in many services to meet various business demands in greenhouses, agriculture, wood packaging, wooden display racks & containers, automotive parts storage and shipments across the continent and worldwide. Some of our most popular services are listed here:


Design is what sets us aside from our competitors. We understand your requirements, and we design a wood product without overlooking important considerations. We're team of employees are always ready for the next quality product we design.

Boxes - We've created HUGE boxes for automotive parts. From 18" to 22 feet long, and sometimes 8 feet high! We have about 6 major wooden box designs that are strong and durable.
Pallets - Wooden pallets move the world, as long as you fit the product. We match your weight requirements for the pallet that best suits your needs. We ship 2-way, 4-way, box pallets and more using about 20 unique designs. Softwood, hardwood and heat treat lumber are used to make any pallet designs from 15" to 10 feet wide!
Racks - We design beautiful wooden racks our customers use to display plants and various flowers. We have 3 basic rack designs for use in store aisles and large flower racks used for shipping.


We stock many CPC Pallets and rent, or lease them to customers by the truckload. We also buy truckloads of CPC Pallets because we are a certified CPC Pallet repair facility. We have the special equipment and workforce to repair up to 2,400 pallets per day. See our leasing page for more information.


We have two trucks in daily use for shipments stretching across Essex & Kent County, London, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Windsor and southern Michigan. Ask us about pickup & delivery. (888) 730-8195


We maintain the facility to repair any pallet design you'd like repaired.


Warehouse storage becomes available from time to time. We can store your add-on materials to be used in wood products pending purchase orders. We may be able to accommodate your special storage needs. Please call for availability. (888) 730-8195

Greenhouse Display Racks
HH Wood Products Inc Quality Products by Design

Quality Products By Design

H & H Wood Products Inc. specializes in the manufactured assembly of fine wood products made for packaging goods, displaying goods, or shipping goods across the continent or overseas.

New Pallets

H & H Wood Products Inc. works with businesses in all industries providing just the right product for each and every use. Our unique proprietary software give us the ability to provide a wide array of specification options.

H & H Wood Products Inc. will help you design a pallet if need be from the ground up so that it meets your weight tolerances and other specific qualities of the design and composition of your pallet.

HH Wood Products Inc Built to Last

Built to Last

Our wood products come in many sizes to suit your specific needs to withstand extreme stresses. We purchase Canadian softwood, hardwood, and heat-treated* lumber from a selection of specific suppliers to ensure quality.

Recycled Pallets

H & H Wood Products Inc. retrieves used pallets from many of our existing clients and other sources. These pallets are then sorted, repaired, and sold at substantially reduced prices when compared to new pallets.

If necessary, our recycled pallets can be heat-treated and certified. We always carry a substantial inventory of many styles of recycled pallets so we likely have the just right product for you at the right price.

HH Wood Products Inc Custom Designs

Custom Designs

We have custom designed many wood boxes, pallets and display racks for various industries from greenhouse and agriculture, to raw material wood packaging and automotive demands.

Custom Crates & Racks

H & H Wood Products Inc. builds custom crates and racks for many of our clients.

If you require custom certified packaging to go anywhere then H&H Wood Products Inc should be your source for all your Crates, Pallets and Packaging requirements. Call us today to discuss your custom needs. Our team is here to serve you.

HT/KD Certified

HH Wood Products Inc Leasing Plans

Enduring Quality

H & H Pallet Leasing Inc. stocks 22,500 certified CPC pallets. As a member of the Canadian Pallet Council, we provide a well-managed rental service for your industry. Our quality system ensures that CPC pallets are clean, damage-free and well maintained. We offer a maintenance program to sort and repair your CPC pallets - bring your damaged pallets in and we'll exchange them 1 for 1. Ask us about CPC pallet purchase or rentals. (888) 730-8195.

We believe in the CPC pallet industry. Their pallets are high quality, can handle heavy loads and we pass monthly inspections conducted by the Canadian Pallet Council. We're increasing our CPC pallet inventory all the time.

We would be interested if you had CPC pallets for sale. (888) 730-8195

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H&H Wood Products Inc carries an inventory of the most common industry pallets. We try to keep our online inventory fresh. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 730-8195
Reconditioned CPC Pallets 4 WAY
Used 48x40 Pallets #1, 4 way 4 WAY
Used 48x40 Pallets #2, 4 way 4 WAY
Used 48x40 2 way 2 WAY
Used 48x45 Pallets Hardwood 4 WAY
Used 48x48 Hardwood 2 WAY
Used 45x42 Mixed H/W 2 WAY
Used 45x45 Softwood 4 WAY
Used 45x48 Hardwood 2 WAY


A typical 48 x 40 pallet:
LENGTH = 48 inches
WIDTH = 40 inches

HH Wood Products Inc Inventory Pallet

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Employment Opportunities

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